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Health and Wellbeing for students: Group programs

As Semester 1 starts, most of us will be welcoming new students into our classrooms or programs. There are so many new experiences that our students will embark on as they start their student journey at ANU.  

Along with said new experiences, new students will also receive multitudes of new information presented to them through series of information sessions and events during orientation week. With so much new information provided to students during the week, one might wonder – how much information did students really absorb during orientation week? 

It is easy to remember all the fun and exciting information, but what about the important information that they might need as they progress into their studies? 

Health and wellbeing are one of the many not-so-exciting topics that students might have overlooked during orientation week. As a support provider, we believe that our educators play a big role in encouraging, reminding and normalising conversations about seeking support early.  

At ANU, there are so many health and wellbeing programs available to students. For today’s article, we’d like to highlight free mental health and wellbeing group programs available to ANU students.   

ANU Counselling offers free group programs for students, including the ADHD skills group, which is facilitated by counsellors and is open to all currently enrolled students. The ADHD skills group sessions are intended to provide a safe space for students to connect and share their experiences in a guided environment.  

Each week the facilitators will present on various topics relevant to ADHD and will provide suggested strategies for students to try during the week between sessions. Topics covered include managing distractibility, planning and organisation, adaptive thinking, problem-solving, emotion regulation and managing procrastination. 

Students are encouraged to attend an introductory information session before participating in the program. Information sessions are available on:  

  • Tuesday 12 March, 2pm (Week 4) or 
  • Tuesday 26 March, 2pm (Week 6) 

For more information: visit the ANU Counselling, group programs and workshops webpage

If you have any questions about ANU counselling group sessions, please email

March 2024