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Advancing Learning and Teaching

Are you ready to revamp or improve your course? Would you like support to do this? Advancing Learning and Teaching may be the course for you.

Advancing Learning and Teaching (ALT) supports experienced educators who are ready to take a more holistic look at their course with the intention to improve the education experience from the perspective of both student and educator, and with consideration to the higher education context and contemporary teaching approaches. 

ALT will enhance your knowledge, skills and professional judgement with course construction and associated elements such as assessment, connecting students and student communication, which impact the overall course experience.

Don’t expect pre-recorded lectures and a how-to manual. Relying on the diverse teaching experiences in the room, ALT will stimulate and guide you to review and improve your course(s) through the following approaches, including: 

  • stimulating group activities and peer-led discussion
  • critical analysis and reflection
  • skill development supporting the design of courses and assessment 
  • insights provided by students and academic peers
  • case studies and problem solving
  • modelling and showcasing diverse teaching approaches
  • professional judgement and action research focused on course improvement
  • research and targeted information provided weekly in complementary workshops by ANU senior experts
  • reflection activities to support your optional ANU Education Fellowship Scheme (EFS) submission.

On completion of ALT, we anticipate you will be eager and ready to review and re-design your own course(s) using action research, with the added benefit of peer networks and resources to support your next EFS submission. 

Join the ALT journey starting 24 April 2024. Visit our ALT page to find out more and register