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College of Science tutor training, a success!

In late February, Professional Learning at CLT collaborated with the College of Science to provide an innovative and engaging training workshop tailored specifically for new tutors and demonstrators at the College. The focus of the session was to develop practical knowledge, strategies and techniques for learner engagement and facilitation as well as effective feedback. It was met with great enthusiasm on the day, as participants enjoyed the interactive and problem-centred approach to the material.

This is the first year that this specific workshop has been run, and its success is the result of a productive partnership between the Professional Learning team and the College to identify and meet the needs of new teaching staff. As such, feedback after the session was highly positive, with one participant stating that:

“… the College of Science tutor training program was an enriching experience that exceeded my expectations. [It] equipped me with the skills and confidence needed to excel as a demonstrator. I particularly appreciated the focus on clear communication and interactive learning methods. The hands-on approach to training allowed me to immediately apply what I learned in real-world tutoring scenarios.”

The participants also acknowledged the workshop’s value as an “opportunity to be part of … a supportive and professional learning community”, which is one of Professional Learning’s core goals in the provision of learning and training services across the university.

The College of Science Tutor Training workshop is one of a suite of targeted learning opportunities under the banner of “Exploring Learning and Teaching” (ELT) – a flagship program offered by the Professional Learning team. Already in 2024, week-long versions of the program have been completed both for the College of Engineering, Computing and Cybernetics and for general teaching staff across the University. A third, weekly version of the program is currently underway. Any interest in this or other programs can be sent directly to Professional Learning via CLT.

April 2024

Joss Stehbens, Professional Learning team, Centre for Learning and Teaching.

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