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Working to introduce MyTimetable

As part of ANU’s Digital Master Plan the Class Allocation project in partnership with the DSASS Timetabling team are currently working to introduce our new timetabling system, MyTimetable, in Semester 2, 2022. At present ANU students’ timetabling and allocation experience is far from ideal and staff experience is also problematic with double handling of data and unnecessary administration burden.

MyTimetable is a timetable allocation system that streamlines the allocation process, provides a user-friendly, student-managed option for allocating classes, and allows students to create their own individualised schedule, improving the staff and student experience of managing timetabling activities.

MyTimetable pilot at the ANU College of Law 

A successful pilot of MyTimetable was conducted with the College of Law in Semester 1, 2022. Three Juris Doctor subjects were featured in the pilot: Foundations of Australian Law, Torts, and Contracts.

The pilot group involved College of Law (CoL) Student Administration Services, course conveners, the Associate Dean of Education and Juris Doctor students. The pilot group received intensive training and support over the week prior to allocations opening for students on 7 February 2022 (two weeks prior to Semester 1).

The Juris Doctor students were supported by targeted MyTimetable communications, regarding when their allocations would open, how to access their MyTimetable, and where to go for support. 

How did it go? 

MyTimetable opened at 9am Monday 7 February and by noon 37 students had already made 136 allocations into classes across the three pilot subjects. The high level of student engagement tells us that not only are students keen to use the system, but also that they found it quick and easy to do so. 

Quotes from the College of Law pilot group:  

  • “It was great to only have to work in the one system (MyTimetable) and to be able to see exactly what the student sees.”
  • “The pilot produced a great result; we recognised that there was work required to ensure you understand the system and set up allocations first.”
  • “The clear benefit was that there were no issues from students who quickly became familiar with ease of use of the system from an administration perspective.”
  • “There was a marked reduction in student email questions by less than half the normal requests.”
Figure 1: Student communications for MyTimetable College of Law pilot

Semester 2 introduction of MyTimetable 

MyTimetable will be implemented in Semester 2, 2022 in colleges and schools for all students. College and school based training and support is being planned and scheduled to ensure staff and students are ready and confident in using MyTimetable in the lead-up to the start of Semester 2. The positive learnings from the pilot will help inform the best approach for colleges and key users in support of timetabling allocations.

Close collaboration and coordination with the colleges, the Timetabling team, ITS and student representatives will continue as we plan and roll out training and support ready for Semester 2. College and school-based training will commence from May.

The active involvement, coordination and partnership surrounding the introduction of MyTimetable is a great example of an ANU-wide collaboration that is building a consistent and improved timetabling experience at the ANU.

“We are achieving fantastic results by working together across the university. The Digital Master Plan is all about creating new and more effective ways of working and MyTimetable is showing us what this looks like in practice. I’m excited to see more of this as we move forward with Student First.”Professor Maryanne Dever, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education & Digital)

Figure 2: Pilot training and support

Find out more about MyTimetable on the MyTimetable (class allocation project) OR email the project team:

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