Teaching space technical support update

The University is uplifting the learning space technology (AV equipment) across multiple teaching spaces in 2020. It is also upgrading the support available for teaching staff and academics.

Room checks

In preparation for the start of Semester 1, the 330 centrally timetabled rooms with AV have been checked by a combination of the Teaching Support Services Team (TSST) and IT Services (ITS) teams.

After hours 

Teaching and academic staff can now receive support for learning space technology (or AV equipment) across centrally supported teaching spaces from 7am–7.30pm, Monday to Friday, in Semester 1. This increases previous support hours by 3.5 hours a day and is provided through a partnership between ITS and TSST. We’ll review the uptake of this extended service at the end of Semester 1.

For assistance, staff can dial x54321, selecting option 1, option 1. Alternatively, staff can dial x50004. The relevant extension will be displayed on the support poster as you enter the room. 

Remote monitoring and support

In Semester 1, equipment in over 60 teaching spaces will have the capability to be remotely monitored. This new service also starts our transition towards remote support with a goal to establish self-healing rooms that can identify and resolve technical issues before they are known to teaching staff. Each of these measures works towards reducing the disruption to teaching staff and classes if technical issues should arise.

Teaching in Dual Delivery spaces

The learning space technology across the University’s teaching spaces will continue to be progressively updated and standardised, improving the user experience and making technical support easier. Prior to the start of Semester 1, 12 teaching spaces were updated with dual delivery capability and a further 15 will be upgraded this year. More information about dual delivery options can be found here.

As we make these improvements, please continue encouraging your teaching staff to familiarise themselves with the current equipment that is available in rooms. Maryanne Dever, PVC Education and Digital, provided some great advice last month when she said, “ahead of week one, familiarise yourself with the equipment in the teaching spaces and check the dual delivery set up you plan to use. Get help now if you need it”.

If you haven’t attended one of these recent learning space technology familiarisation sessions, watch two recordings of these session below, or explore the links to more content at the end of this article.

Dual Delivery + Technical Upgrades (30 mins)

Marie Reay (26 mins)

Tips for Successful Dual Delivery (14 mins)

We’ll keep updating you on the great changes occurring within our learning space technology environment. In the meantime, we wish you all the best as you jump into Semester 1 teaching. If you have any further questions or need more support, reach out to the Learning Environments team.

March 2022