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Research School of Psychology tutor training

The Research School of Psychology (RSP) invited two CLT Education Designers, Melinda Drummond and Karlene Dickens, to run a workshop on teaching and learning principles for their tutors. Of the almost 30 tutors who participated on Friday 18 February, most were new to teaching and a few had one to two years’ experience.

The three-hour online session was split into two parts and the Education Designers facilitated a mixture of small group activities and larger group discussions over the three hours. The first part introduced participants to the characteristics of being a good tutor, including how to set expectations for the first class, key facilitation skills, and how to manage group dynamics. The second part of the workshop introduced the participants to best practice feedback concepts for improved student learning. The session explored elements of effective feedback, types of feedback and how to give and receive feedback effectively.

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March 2021

Karlene Dickens & Melinda Drummond, Educational Designers, CLT