Wattle I do? 

Handy How-To Guides for Teaching in Semester 2 (and beyond)

Wattle I Do?’ is a self-enrolling course for time-poor convenors, lecturers and tutors who want to get in and learn how to use EdTech for teaching. Created by the Science Teaching and Learning Centre, this great new initiative has been designed to save educators valuable time and to help focus on enhancing their teaching with new skills for second semester and beyond. Associate Deans of Education from across ANU commissioned the site for educators, requesting an easy to navigate site with targeted step-by-step guides.  

The site provides educators with tips based on student feedback from Semester one, and includes how-to guides on: 

  • Updating and enhancing your Wattle site 
  • Keeping in contact with students 
  • Managing Echo360 Lecture Recordings 
  • Hosting Zoom Online Classrooms and Poll Everywhere 
  • Using Microsoft Office 365, Teams and Powerpoint 
  • Housing large files in Cloudstor and Echo to avoid slowing down your Wattle site. 

The site complements the existing CLT Teaching Remotely site, which is aimed at providing educators with support and training, education designer consultations, peer-to-peer discussions and a range of other pedagogical advice. 

More guides and information will be added to the Wattle I Do? site throughout Semester two, so please check for updates and new guides regularly. If there are any guides that you’d like to see, please complete the Survey on the site

August 2020

Dr Scott Rickard is an Education Designer in the Education Design (ED) team – one of three teams within the  ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). 

Rowena Tayler-Henry is the Education Technologist for the Colleges of Science, Health and Medicine and works out of the Science Teaching and Learning Centre