Lunch Vox

ANU Lunch Vox #1

To satisfy your midday appetite for conversations about current issues in education, the Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT) is hosting a series of campus conversations. To be known as the ANU Lunch Vox, the webinar series will bring together a panel of local voices with something to say about topical matters of interest to ANU teachers and students.

Having grappled with the series title, it was good to arrive at the ANU Lunch Vox, which makes sense on¬†a number of¬†levels. As it happens ‚Äėvox‚Äô (beyond its Latin root of ‚Äėvoice‚Äô) also has a modern meaning (e.g. voice-operated exchange) as it applies to the internet of things being voice activated. In both senses, the¬†ANU Lunch Vox¬†will offer a feast of¬†thought-provoking¬†panel sessions ‚Äď to be chewed-on and mulled-over during your lunch breaks.

You can be ‚Äėout to lunch‚Äô guilt-free and join us¬†on¬†Thursday August 20, from 12:15-1:15pm for the inaugural¬†ANU Lunch Vox¬†webinar titled:¬†Radical Shifts: Teaching in a Time of Transition. All panel members will be drawn from the ANU community and their grounded experience will ensure informed and interesting contributions. We‚Äôll be using the Zoom webinar platform to host the sessions which will run for sixty minutes over the coming months.


  • Professor Edie Sevick (ANU College of Science)
  • Ms Jenny Simmons (ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Professor Samantha Bennett (ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences)
  • Dr Jolyon Ford (ANU College of Law)

In selecting this month’s panellists, we were particularly interested in knowing how they traversed the peaks and pitfalls of transitioning from one paradigm (face to face teaching) to another (remote learning). We’ll be asking: What silver-linings did they discover? What barriers existed and how can these be overcome, if at all? Have these transitions prompted a transformation in the way our panelists teach in a more permanent way?

We would be delighted to have your company in this series, and for you to share your voice from your vantage point, expressing your unique experiences and insights regarding teaching transitions. To accept this lunchtime invitation, you can proceed to the Eventbrite portal and reserve a seat at the table.

Looking forward to your company.

ANU Lunch Vox Series