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Professional Standards Framework

The Professional Standards Framework (PSF) is a globally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within higher education teaching and learning support. Advance HE, the custodians of the PSF, are curently phasing out PSF 2011, and ANU will be making the transition to the revised version, PSF 2023, by September 2024.  

PSF 2023 builds on the strengths of PSF 2011 while placing much more overt emphasis on:  

  • the effectiveness and impact of teaching and/or learning support; 
  • the context in which the teaching and/or learning support takes place; 
  • inclusivity – both from the perspective of the wider range of staff now able to engage with the PSF and how more inclusive approaches ensure all learners feel respected, valued and have equity in opportunity to succeed. 

If you wish to learn more about PSF 2011 and PSF 2023, you can download and read these guides: 

  • PSF 2011 guide (will automatically download the document from the Advance HE website) 
  • PSF 2023 guide (will open the Advance HE website, where you can download the guide