Ms Tereza Kobelkova & Dr Ruji Auethavornpipat

Department of International Relations,
Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs
ANU College of Asia and the Pacific


"I think at the moment what inspires my teaching is the ongoing conversation in the discipline of international relations. There has been a lot of conversation that talks about decolonising knowledge."Dr Ruji Auethavornpipat

"My main motivation is when I can see that the students are progressing somewhere, that they have some kind of takeaway from the class, that it's not just learning from the theme or from the subject, but also being able to see different perspectives. "Ms Tereza Kobelkova

"What motivates me in tutoring is the fact that perhaps when I worked with Ruji in 2019 as a team, not only we would feedback each other's class preparation, but we would also come up with different ideas for the tutoring.....this way, we could have come up with quite engaging and fun tutorials."Ms Tereza Kobelkova

"I remember that every week before class, we would be sitting down together and go over, review each other lesson plans. And in that way, we can enhance our teaching techniques in class, in order to increase students' participation and curiosity in what we have been examining in the course."Dr Ruji Auethavornpipat