Professor Katerina Teaiwa

School of Culture, History & Language,
ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Award for Australian university teacher of the year
Award for teaching excellence


Professor Katerina Teaiwa is a visionary teacher, mentor and leader, who has made an outstanding contribution to Pacific Studies in Australia and globally. She has worked tirelessly in many aspects of Pacific regional issues, climate change, the arts and environmental justice, in and beyond the classroom.

The quotes below are taken from a conversation Katerina had with Dr Timo Henckel who won a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning from the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) in 2021. Videos of this conversation will be available soon on this blog as part of our 'In Conversation' series.

"I am naturally a really creative person. I have to bring something creative into every research project,
every teaching opportunity and classroom."Professor Katerina Teaiwa
"What we're trying to do is pull out the values, philosophies and knowledges from parts of the world that have been ignored mostly in academia, like the Pacific and other indigenous communities around the world, and say, 'Do these communities possibly have other extremely useful and valuable ways of being and living in the world?"Professor Katerina Teaiwa
"I care more about the quality of our teaching and learning, and our transformation and impacts on our students and on the societies that we live in. I care a lot about justice and I impart that to the students as well. So when I put these things front and centre, all the other excellence comes with it."Professor Katerina Teaiwa