Dr Timo Henckel

Research School of Economics,
ANU College of Business & Economics,

ANU College of Asia & the Pacific

Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


Dr Timo Henckel is a behavioural macroeconomist who strongly believes that economics is first and foremost a social science, which must remain firmly rooted in the real world to remain relevant. This is borne out in his approach to teaching economics, in his research which lies at the intersection between economics and psychology, as well as in his contributions to public policy debates, for example in his role as chair of the ANU’s Reserve Bank of Australia’s Shadow Board.

The quotes below are taken from a conversation Timo had with Professor Katerina Teaiwa who won the Award for Australian University Teacher of the Year from the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) in 2021. Videos of this conversation will be available soon
on this blog as part of our 'In Conversation' series.

"For me the motivation aspect is a really important one. And so I think a lot about what motivates me and that's the spark that I want to project over to the students. And for me, economics really is about caring.
It's about making the world a better place."Dr Timo Henckel
"[G]ood teaching is really about being authentic, because that's how you can connect emotionally to the students."Dr Timo Henckel
"For me, it is really important to not just impart knowledge and understanding, but also to motivate the students and get them excited about the subject matter, especially because I teach a few introductory courses, both at the undergraduate and the graduate level."Dr Timo Henckel