A female student taking notes

Giving your Wattle site a facelift

How a few small changes can lift the student experience

Studying online from overseas or remote locations does not have to be a negative experience. It is possible to create an experience for online students that is different, but comparable, to the experience of on-campus students. There are many tools and strategies to ensure a welcoming community in our online spaces, and the structure, look and feel of the Wattle site is a critical factor.

The Educational Design team at the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) works with teaching teams across ANU to make positive changes in their course sites. This can be anything from simply adjusting some course settings, to a full re-design of a course site around sound pedagogical principles. 

In this video, I explain and demonstrate some simple changes implemented to the course PSYC1004 Understanding People in Context, a foundational first year unit in the Research School of Psychology. With the agreement of Professor Kate Reynolds and her team, I am able to share with you their journey, and that of the Educational Designers assisting them.

Would you like to explore what can be done in your Wattle site to give it a facelift? We can help!  Email us at eddesign@anu.edu.au and we will have one of our Educational Designers get in touch with you. 

June 2021

Jill Lyall is an Educational Designer at the Centre for Learning & Teaching.