ANU Micro-credentials and professional career demand

Supporting our executive and career professional networks, ANU will be offering a suite of micro-credentials from 2021.  To learn more about the policy and process around micro-credentials at ANU, please attend our upcoming micro-credential workshops chaired by the PVC (Education). The first workshop will be on Friday 4 September and Thursday 10 September. Please register as restricted numbers apply.
In brief, ANU micro-credentials are intensive learning experiences with clear assessment and learning outcomes. Micro-credentials can be “stacked” to provide ANU course credit at the graduate level where the learning and assessment align with a specified course(s). Participants are typically career professionals and executives seeking specialist, career-relevant knowledge and skills in diverse areas such as health policy, data literacy and analysis, cyber law and international relations. For some early to mid-career professionals, it is a chance to experience another discipline of interest at ANU before committing to a full post-graduate program. 
More information about micro-credentials can be sourced from your Associate Dean (Education), the ANU policy and procedure on micro-credentials (updated Oct 2019), and/or by attending one of the micro-credential workshops to be chaired by the PVC (Education) in early September.
As with other short professional courses, Colleges can partner with the ANU Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) to enable easy enrolment and delivery for courses involving non-ANU participants, with direct educator access to the CCE Moodle. If you or your team are interested in learning more about partnering with CCE to host a professional course or micro-credential, or accessing digital and education design expertise through CLT, please complete this form and we will contact you.  

September 2020

Dr Kerrie Wilde is the Manager of the Continuing Education (CE) team, – one of the three teams within the ANU Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT)