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The timetabling office is responsible for timetabling teaching activities and as an academic, you have some tasks to do to make this process as smooth as possible for both staff and students. Please find below some information and explanations about timetabling and links to useful sites.

MyTimetable (MyTT)

MyTimetable is the class allocation system. Students access this to allocate themselves to all teaching activities.

MyTimetable Opening

MyTimetable is open all year for sessional courses (summer, winter, autumn, spring). It opens for Semester 1 courses in February and Semester 2 courses in July. During these periods only the course during those periods will be visible to students and staff. Students are only able to allocate to their courses during a three week period for Semester 1 and Semester 2. At other times of the year they can view their courses but not allocate.

Staff Access to MyTimetable

Staff assigned to teaching activities by a WDC are given access in MyTimetable to those activities only. If further access is required a MyTimetable Access Request Form must be submitted to the Timetabling team.

Staff Tasks in MyTimetable

Teaching staff are required to perform essential tasks prior to the opening of MyTimetable for students and then regularly manage student allocations whilst MyTimetable is open to students. For our main Semesters MyTimetable opens to staff three weeks prior to opening to students. It is important for new staff members to attend training sessions offered prior to this so they are confident in completing tasks required in this period.

Staff Training for MyTimetable and Support

Each Semester the Timetabling office offers training for new staff to attend in person or online. This is advertised in our Teams sites, the Timetabling Communication Site Sharepoint site, Timetabling staff services page and our TELUG Teams site. Emails are also sent to Student Admin Managers (SAMS) for distribution to teaching staff. Staff training is offered in January and May/June every year.

Timetabling Data Collection (via Web Data Collector WDC)

Academics need to provide course details to school admin staff. This occurs August of the previous year for Semester 1 and March for Semester 2. This includes assigning staff to teaching activities who then have automatic access to MyTimetable.

Teaching Unavailability Form

Submitting your Teaching unavailability for the Semester ensures you are not timetabled when unavailable to teach, if you have been assigned to a teaching activity through the timetabling data collection.
Only open for full time staff. This is completed in August of the previous year. Staff submit their unavailability for teaching via an electronic form which ADEs approve or reject. These forms open for a period of three weeks in August for Semester 1 and February to March for Semester 2. If you have missed this deadline and are unavailable to teach your assigned activities, contact your school admin.

Timetable Releases

Preliminary Timetable release and review period

The Preliminary Timetable (mid November) is released two weeks prior to the Final Timetable release to provide staff with the opportunity to request necessary changes.

Final Timetable Release

The Final Timetable is released early December and changes then require ADE approval. Approved only for exceptional circumstances.

Web Publisher

The Web Publisher is released upon Preliminary Timetable release. This is a bi-product of MyTimetable which allows staff to easily access and filter courses.

Timetabling Communication Site

This site contains all of the information and resources you need in relation to Timetabling including how to videos and guides, calendars, campus zone maps and access to MyTT. New Staff will receive a pop up to request access to the site.

Access the Timetabling Communication Site