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Pre semester

  • Prepare your wattle site
  • Create the reading list for your course with Leganto.
  • Prepare your Curriculum Management System (CMS) page(s) info. Check the deadline.
  • If you are a tutor, have you done the Exploring Learning and Teaching (ELT) program?
  • If you’re an academic, have all of your tutors done the ELT? Some Colleges mandate it, some encourage, and for some it’s completely optional.
  • Have you thought of doing a short welcome video for your potential students?
  • Are your timesheets ready? [is there a better way to word this?] speak to your College Administrator if not.
  • Does your College have an internal mentoring program that you  might like to enrol in? Ask your supervisor and/or School Director.
  • Would you like to enrol as a mentee in the NECTAR program if you’re an early to mid-career academic?
  • Do you understand policies and procedures around plagiarism and assessment? Check out the resources available on the Academic Integrity pages here and here.
  • Access your timetable.
  • Check the ANU calendar