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ANU software and systems

Feeling overwhelmed by all the teaching tech? This page helps!

Find tools for assessment, e-portfolios, and lecture recording on the "Digital tools" page. Nervous about classroom tech? Get in-person support in your teaching room to ensure a smooth first class.

Digital tools and tech supportĀ 

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Learning space support

Get support with the technology and equipment in your teaching space before classes commence or immediate help while teaching.

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Get tech support

Interactive checklist to help you prepare for day one of teaching. Room familiarisation sessions and other in room support.

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Digital tools for learning and teaching

A list of supported digital tools and links for learning and teaching at ANU.

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Quick systems links

A list of system links and business units at ANU.

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Road map of systems

A list of commonly used online resources and links to find out more.

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Software and systems

The systems in use at ANU and advice on obtaining software and keeping it up-to-date.

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Software available at ANU

Includes a list of software available to staff.

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Requesting software and hardware

Request hardware or software and access a working remotely checklist.