A/Prof Krisztina Valter

Ms Elisa Crossing
A/Prof Alexandra L. Webb

ANU Medical School, ANU College of Health and Medicine
School of Art and Design, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences


"What inspired me to become a teacher was my own university teachers who nurtured my love of my discipline, which is anatomy. And they also modelled innovations in education and excellence in education, which is really what motivated me to commence a career in teaching at university.."A/Prof Alexandra L. Webb
"Every opportunity I have to learn and to expand is really important to me. That's why I wanted to teach, to have those deep conversations about a subject I love and to keep expanding its field."Ms Elisa Crossing
"So when I can explain something and this, a light bulb moment comes in the student's eye, that's a fantastic feeling. So that motivates me. I want to see that my students, the medical students, or undergraduate students get to this point and become really excited about the subject. "A/Prof Krisztina Valter

Associate Professor Krisztina Valter, Ms Elisa Crossing and Associate Professor Alexandra L. Webb