Dr Solène Inceoglu

School of Literature, Languages and Linguistics,
ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences

Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

"In Germany in particular, before I took the position at the ANU, I was teaching German to refugees who had just arrived from Syria and Kurdistan. They arrived in Germany with zero language skill. They didn't know anyone in Germany. They could not say a single word, and so I taught them German for a year. But having people, helping them learn a language that actually benefits them in their lives, so in the case refugees in Germany, that's something that really made me cherish my job as a teacher; so helping people to improve sometimes in situations where their lives depend on it."Dr Solene Inceoglu

"I think also that you cannot ask students to do the best they can if you, as a teacher, also do not do the best you can."Dr Solene Inceoglu

"I have a couple of students who've been accepted to teach English in France as part of the French government scholarship, and so those are highly competitive positions. And so helping the students to reach that level is great. "Dr Solene Inceoglu