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Hot Seat


Individual or small groups of students field questions from their classmates while they adopt a persona or character.


  • Present topic/ roles that will be used in the activity.
  • Ask for volunteers from the class to be in the hot seat.
  • Encourage the rest of the class to ask open ended questions to person in hot seat.
  • Optional: each person in hot seat has to answer only a certain number of questions and they can choose to pass or answer the questions.


Topics/ roles/ scenario for activity.


  • Make it group hot seat: Let students form groups and assign a persona to each
  • Make it pre-assigned: Present the activity and characters and ask for student volunteers before the day of the activity. Allocate roles/ topic allowing them to prepare before the day of the activity.
  • Make it group preassigned: Allow students to form groups with each group members taking on a different role in the topic/ role. Each group could act out the topic and then answer questions from the class.
  • Make it teacher’s hot seat: Teacher sits in the hot seat and answers students’ questions.

Additional benefits:

Helps develop emotional intelligence as the person in the hot seat has to put themselves in another role/ persona to answer the questions and consider multiple perspectives/ experiences in topic.
Enables students to develop questioning and listening skills in an engaging way.


Hot seat (


  • Type: Discussion, Role play
  • Involvement: Individual, Group, Whole class
  • Activity time: 10-20 minutes
  • When: Middle, End
  • Preparation: Low preparation
  • Resources: None
  • Class size: Small, Medium
  • Classroom: Tiered, Flat