Dr Gen Nowak

Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Statistics,
ANU College of Business & Economics 


What originally inspired you to become a teacher/educator?

I was fortunate to have been taught by some amazing teachers, including lecturers who specialised in statistics.  Their teaching inspired me to engage further in the study of statistics, which in turn was instrumental in my career choice as an academic in this field.

Knowing the impact great teachers can have has driven my desire to inspire future students in the same way that I once was.

What motivates and inspires you now, in your current teaching?

Data is playing an increasingly large role in many decision-making processes across broad ranging fields in both the private and public sectors.  This has really highlighted the value of having a sound understanding of statistical concepts, together with solid skills in statistical analysis.  I strive to impart the real-world importance of statistics in my teaching and I am motivated in knowing that I play a part in developing the statistical expertise of future decision makers in areas such as climate change, medicine, economics and financial analysis.

Tell us about the impact you have had on your students learning?

My goal when teaching is to impart students with an understanding of the real-world relevance of statistics and to ensure that they attain the skills to undertake appropriate statistical analyses in their chosen fields.

Some of the most rewarding experiences in my teaching career have been the occasions where previous students have contacted me to tell me about how they are applying statistics in their work and how much they value all the knowledge and skills gained as part of their statistical learning.

What role does teaching have in your future career?

As an academic in the field of statistics, I am excited to continue undertaking research with important practical applications and to play a role in fostering new experts in this field.  I look forward to undertaking new and exciting research in collaboration with students who decide to choose statistical research in their own career path.