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3-2-1 Reflections


3-2-1 Reflections is a reflect-to-learn strategy that can help learners synthesize large amounts of information.

Students reflect on the content and identify 3 main themes, 2 actions they can take from what they have learned, and 1 insight they have gained. 


After completing a topic or at the end of the lesson, give students 5 minutes and ask them to write down 3 main themes from the lesson, 2 actions they can take as a result of the lesson and one misunderstanding that got cleared up or an insight. 



  • Make it a critical thinking strategy: Frame the 3-2-1 questions to require more critical thinking. E.g. 3 ways you agree, 2 ways you disagree and 1 thing that surprised you. 
  • Make it a pair/ group activity: Students could work on the 3-2-1 reflection individually and then share with pair/ group.  
  • Make it time based: Spend 3 minutes reviewing, 2 minutes summarizing and 1 minute concisely noting down ‘the one thing’. 

Additional Benefits:  

The strategy can help students reflect on their learning and consider how the knowledge and skill they acquired can be applied to other situations. It can also help the instructor find out the quality and depth of learning and any misunderstandings.  


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Using The 3-2-1 Learning Strategy For Critical Thinking – (


  • Type: Writing, Self-evaluation
  • Involvement: Individual
  • Activity time: <10 minutes
  • When: End, Middle
  • Preparation: Very low
  • Resources: Provided
  • Class size: Large, Medium, Small
  • Classroom: Tiered seating, Flat seating