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Announcement: 2022 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education

Since 2013, the recognition of teaching excellence has been an annual tradition fully-captured in the publication of a comprehensive booklet representing the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education. Each booklet includes a complete list of candidate profiles distinguishing the finalists as recipients of the prestigious ANU accolades. 

With each passing year, the Booklets’ introductory pages have included messages from, firstly, the Promoting Excellence Team, and secondly, the Vice-Chancellor. The former messages speak to the central purpose of an awards program which is to: “unearth new talent, recognise quiet achievers, reward proven performers and promote outstanding programs”, reflecting well on the ANU “as a place of learning, committed to encouraging and rewarding excellence in teaching”. 

Reading through the Vice-Chancellor’s Congratulations, it’s clear from the outset that in a research-intensive environment we also take great pride in recognising the contribution of outstanding educators; the following excerpts are indicative:

“Both recipients and candidates alike are described by their students and colleagues as passionate, brave, respectful, innovative and deeply committed. While they all bring their own unique styles to educating, a common theme that appears in their stories is taking a student-centred approach to education. Their flexibility and willingness to adapt to individual needs, feedback and a changing educational environment typifies their commitment to educational excellence.” (Professor Ian Young AO, Vice-Chancellor and President,The Australian National University, 2013)

“At ANU, we support our outstanding educators to create innovative and engaging learning environments. These educators are at the frontier of new educational practices as well as providing their own time and expertise to support their students. In short, they are key to providing an ANU experience that sets the standard for the University and the nation. It gives me great pleasure to be able to recognise and reward the teachers for their commitment and support of teaching and learning at ANU.” (Professor Brian P. Schmidt AC, Vice-Chancellor and President, The Australian National University, 2019)

In keeping with best of traditions, and as announced by Professor Maryanne Dever (PVC-ED) , the soft-launch of the results for this year’s Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education represents a penultimate moment in the academic calendar, pre-empting the Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards for Excellence (announced 30 November 2022) and giving good reason for a face-to-face Gala Celebration in the first quarter of 2023. In Maryanne’s words:

“It's been a huge year for education at ANU. Highlights include our return to on-campus teaching, and the approval of the first ANU Learning and Teaching Strategy. Our Awards for Excellence in Education are one of the important ways in which we recognise and celebrate the excellent work we do in learning and teaching here at ANU. I want to recognise the enormous efforts of all the candidates who prepared applications for the 2022 round of awards. Not least, because of the additional challenges of continuing to deliver quality learning experiences for our students against a background of continuing uncertainty and disruption. As chair of the awards committee, I'd also like to thank the members of the various selection panels for their insight and commitment. With that said, I here now announce the results for 2022.”