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Recognition of Outstanding Teaching at ANU

In just three weeks, the results of this year’s Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Education will be revealed. In preparing for the announcement on Wednesday, 23 November, Maryanne Dever (representing the Vice-Chancellor) has chaired a selection process charged with the difficult task of short-listing, from a strong field of candidates, this year’s recipients. 

Feedback from members of the various selection panels pays tribute to the high quality of this year’s applications. And, as we repeatedly hear, the selection task is considered a unique privilege offering panel members unparalleled insight into what’s happening at the cutting-edge of teaching across the campus: “In summary, I wanted to say, that I very much enjoyed the process of reflection on some fantastic applications and having an opportunity to evaluate them and work with such a talented and inspiring team of assessors.” 

It’s a truism, but worth repeating – the VC Awards are a gift we give ourselves. Year after year, our enthusiastic teachers carefully craft their own narratives for the university to later retell as its own story of teaching excellence. Together, we build the reputation of a University that values and celebrates its educational mission. 

Through reward and recognition schemes, the country over, tertiary educators benchmark the notion of quality teaching as it positively impacts on student outcomes. At ANU, over past years, we have had some very impressive results on the local and national landscape. 

Early indicators suggest this year will be no different – just over the horizon we have a notable list of worthy recipients to add to our growing list of standout teachers. 

On Wednesday, 23 November, Maryanne Dever (through a special publication of the L&T Newsletter) will announce the recipients of this year’s awards. Along with Maryanne’s video announcement, will come a link to the digital booklet honouring all who participated in the 2022 awards program.  

Following – just a week later – the Vice-Chancellor will further add to the annual celebration by announcing this year’s singular title of excellence in education at the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Awards. This prestigious award is drawn from the 2022 Awards for Excellence in Education and sits alongside the Vice-Chancellor’s broader suite of academic and professional awards celebrating ‘the depth and diversity of talent within the ANU staff community’. 

Photo of some of the past nominees and recipients of the VC Awardsview their stories here

November 2022

Tim Grace is the Manager of the Education Communities and Environments team at the Centre for Learning and Teaching.