Lecture support update – mid semester

As the semester has progressed, the teams supporting learning space technology, including AV, continue to focus on resolving issues before they disrupt classes. There has been additional effort on room familiarisation, at-elbow support sessions, daily room checking, and priority lecture support.

For the remainder of the semester, we will continue this work to ensure our academics feel supported. Services to continue include:

  • daily room check to proactively resolve issues
  • expanding remote monitoring of teaching space equipment
  • priority support customer care with AV engineers responding to lecture support calls
  • rapid response by technicians, when required
  • working with academics to plan for technically challenging teaching events.

But what can you do to further enhance the experience of teaching in ANU teaching spaces? 

In the first five weeks of semester, teaching spaces not being reset after each session had a big impact. This oversight can lead to the batteries of microphones running out, the AV system timing out and shutting down, or the room lighting not being set to 100% for the next session. 

Your feedback helps us identify further areas of improvement as the semester continues. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact:

As the next round of Timetable Data Collection is starting, we will be adding an additional service for academics to engage with.

Timetable consultations are bookable from Monday, 5 September, for the next two weeks. The aim is to assist academics to collate the data they need to provide to school admins. We will provide insight into lecture spaces and equipment required to achieve the diverse teaching practice requirements of academics. 

These and our other support services are bookable through this Booking Form.

September 2022