Enhancing accessibility in the Wattle Manual

The Wattle Manual is a crowdsourced document with over a dozen ANU professional staff across ANU central and college-based teams writing, editing and maintaining the document.

As part of the University’s push to remove barriers that prevent students and staff with disabilities from accessing the Wattle Manual and Wattle sites, guides have been added to the manual to address some common issues.

Inspired by a Microsoft session at the EdTechPosium 2021, we created a OneNote accessibility guide that details some of the many features built into OneNote that can help increase the accessibility of the Wattle Manual (and other OneNote notebooks). 

OneNote screenshot

We have also added instructions for creating Closed Captions for videos in H5P, based on the original work by Siddarth Iyer (CLT EdDesign). Along with CLT and Access and Inclusion, Dr Scott Rickard also put together some great accessibility guidelines for improved access and inclusion within the Wattle Manual and beyond. And to keep enhancing accessibility, we are now working on including alternative text to all images used throughout the manual. 

We are committed to adding more guides addressing accessibility in the manual and Wattle sites, so if there are issues or things that should be addressed, please let the User Guide Coordinators, Belinda Bergin or Bruna Contro Pretero know.  

May 2022

Belinda Bergin, Education Support Officer, Learning Environments Team, Centre for Learning and Teaching
Bruna Contro Pretero, Learning Technologist, TELT (Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching) ANU Medical School