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Dual Delivery support – HELP!

With Semester 1 now well underway we hope everyone is settling in to teaching. If you are facilitating Dual Delivery classes being prepared is key, but help is also available! 

A range of people and resources are available to support you:

  • Service Desk on x54321, selecting option 1. Alternatively, staff can dial x50004. Relevant extensions are also displayed on support posters in each teaching space. 
  • Familiarise yourself with information about Dual Delivery options here 
  • Reaching out to your local EdTech or educational designers’ team to discuss your dual delivery approach may also be useful
  • Room familiarisation sessions held recently were recorded and can be watched at anytime offering helpful hints and tips.

If you haven’t attended one of the recently run learning space technology familiarisation sessions, you can reach out to the Learning Environments Team and/or access some of the great content below:

We’ll keep updating you on the significant changes that are continuing to occur with our learning space technology environment. In the meantime, continue enjoying your Semester 1 teaching. 

April 2022

Jo Fisher, Business Change & Adoption Manager, Information Technology Services