Support for short video content available to ANU community

Get help to create short “talking head ” video content

The Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) launched the “Welcome Video” service across the whole of ANU in 2021. Conveners are assisted in crafting a short video message to their students. As 2022 continues we’ve opened up the service beyond just videos for courses to include tutors and professional staff who want help creating ANY short “talking head” style videos.

In 2021 there was a great response from across campus with many conveners taking up the offer of filming on campus, and many others filming their own at home or in their office set up. This service is open to all ANU conveners, tutors and professional staff who want to create short, scripted “talking head” style videos.

View some “Welcome Video” examples below and start the process right here.

June 2022

The CLT multimedia team includes Rafael Florez and Tangyao Zhang.