Seeking partners for innovations in learning and teaching

Partnerships have the power to achieve great things! This is especially true when dealing with a problem nestled in the land of unknowns and uncertainty – or in other words, in the land of innovation.

The ANU Service Experience Team (Experience Accelerator) are here to support the ANU community with their innovation journey. This is achieved by use of Human Centred Design, Ideation and Rapid Validated Learning (Pretotyping). And what’s best is that the Service Experience Team has had successes in their partnerships within our community.

The Service Experience Team and CLT have been partnering to improve the university experience of remote learning students. The Lunch Vox #6 event in August (In your students’ shoes) was the outcome of this partnership. This journey started with just an idea and went through various experimental steps, each bringing valuable learning. These learnings helped us design the Lunch Vox event and also ensure we are maximising its impact.

In other examples of partnerships with the Service Experience Team, innovative academics from our community are exploring ways to improve in-course student experience. Together, we are finding ways to set our students up for success, especially in the current context of remote learning.

“Working with the Service Experience group this semester has been a very creative collaboration. Together we have designed a padlet for my International Business course to help students feel more connected to one another, and the initial results look positive. I encourage other academics to reach out for their support in enhancing the student experience in their courses.”Andrew Bradly – ANU College of Business and Economics

We, the Service Experience Team, are calling out to innovative course conveners, lecturers or tutors who would like to partner with us.

Do you have an idea that you think will enhance student experience? Or are you simply exploring challenges to find ideas? We can help you test these ideas and bring them out of the ‘thought-land’ into the land of learning and evidence-based validation.

Share your interest by emailing Your innovation partners are looking forward to hearing from you.

Some of the team at Service Experience (Experience Accelerator)

September 2021

Rizwan Khan is a Project Officer in the Service Experience (Experience Accelerator) Team at ANU.