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Talking About Teaching

"In Conversation with..."

CLT caught up with some members of the ANU community to talk about teaching as part of our on-going video/audio series which pairs two academics from the ANU to discuss topics in teaching + learning.

This edition features Dr Kate Flaherty and Professor Rosalind Smith from the School of Literature, Languages and Linguists (CASS) and Professor Nicholas Brown and Dr Laura Radermaker from the School of History (CASS).

They reflected on what they want their students to gain from a university eduction, how teaching motivates an academic career, the importance of moments of friction/discomfort in the learning process, and the challenges of navigating academia and raising a family.

Many thanks to Kate and Rose, and Nick and Laura for their time and wisdom! Catch up on past edition and keep an eye out for the next instalment of "In Conversation..." here.

This edition's content can be viewed as VIDEO below - along with TEXT TRANSCRIPTS and as AUDIO PODCAST.


Dr Kate Flaherty is Senior Lecturer in English and Drama at the College of Arts & Social Sciences, and Rosalind Smith, is the Professor of English at the Australian National University. 


Nicholas Brown is an Academic Professor in the College of Arts & Social Sciences and Dr Laura Radermaker is a Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Rafael Florez is the multimedia producer in the Communications team of the ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

August 2021