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Academic Integrity Awareness Week

This year ANU is hosting its first Academic Integrity Awareness Week from Monday 30 August to Friday 3 September 2021. This event is part of the University’s new approach to academic integrity, one that moves away from a narrow emphasis on breaches to focus instead on academic integrity as part of a shared set of values underpinning our learning, teaching and research.

This new focus on values is matched by increased attention to education and communication around academic integrity. We are preparing our students to enter professions where they need to be well-equipped to operate with integrity as they navigate complex workplace challenges. It is our responsibility to help students appreciate that what they learn about integrity while at ANU links directly to ethics and professionalism in the world beyond graduation. It is critically important, therefore, that we create new opportunities to share ideas about why academic integrity matters and to make the connections between academic integrity and our students’ professional futures abundantly clear.

Activities such as Academic Integrity Awareness Week are not just for students. We are actively seeking to involve our staff since they play important roles in modelling academic integrity, educating students about academic honesty, implementing the University’s policies, and maintaining awareness of current threats to academic integrity. Indeed, all members of the ANU community have a responsibility to embrace and promote the value of academic integrity.

Academic Integrity Awareness Week kicks off with a launch on Monday 30 August followed by sessions across the week for students on academic integrity myth-busting, practical elements of writing with academic integrity, and sitting exams, as well daily drop-ins. Staff are invited to attend a session on academic integrity and assessment design.

There is no silver bullet that can resolve all our concerns around academic integrity and the shift to online learning has only heightened the need to be proactive in this space. We’re creating a culture in which staff feel confident engaging students around the issue of academic integrity and where students feel comfortable asking for help.

ANU Academic Integrity Awareness Week 2021

August 2021

Professor Maryanne Dever, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education & Digital)