ANU EFS is back!

After a brief break to renew our accreditation with Advance HE, the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS) is back with a new and improved program!

The EFS is a semester-long professional development program that leads to internationally accredited professional recognition of your experience and expertise in university education. Join us today for the next round of the program starting in September.

Through the EFS program, you will reflect on your teaching and learning support practices and have opportunities to network with other (prospective) EFS Fellows. Writing your application and reflecting on your practice is not an easy feat, but we will support you throughout. In addition, you will be matched with an EFS Mentor who will guide you on your journey.

Once you are a member of the EFS, you will be part of a teaching-focused community at ANU with opportunities to attend scheme-based events and networking activities.

“If I had a colleague that was thinking about doing the EFS process, I would say to them, ‘Do it, and do it immediately.'”, says EFS Fellow Sabrina Caldwell. “This is one of those things that doesnít seem to be urgent, but it is in fact very urgent. Because when you have the opportunity to stop and reflect on the path that youíre on, you can make better choices for the future.”

EFS Fellow Onoriode Coast explains that reflecting on your practice is not easy, but very valuable. “When I say difficult, it’s not a bad thing. It’s that you have to put effort into it, and it’s good at the end of the day what comes out of it. You would know when you finish with the writing that you’ve done something tangible.”

“I’ve applied for a few jobs, and I’ve had to go back to my application to try and say, ‘Okay, how do I talk about my teaching?’, and put that in response to the job descriptions that ask you about your teaching experience and to give them a reflection on that. It’s helped me in writing [job applications] and it’s a line in your CV saying, ‘Yes, you’ve got international recognition for your teaching.'”

“If you’re involved in any form of teaching, I would say you should go ahead and do it. Don’t say you might not have time for it; I think you’ll be able to make out time for it. The folks at the EFS who support people through the process are very good at what they do.”

About the EFS program

To start your EFS journey, register for one of our information sessions, which will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to get started on your application. The EFS Team will guide you through the application process, provide you with tips and tricks for writing your application, and answer any questions you may have.

Supported by your EFS Mentor and the EFS Team, you will then write your EFS application and complete the program at the end of semester.

Find out more about the EFS program and register for the information session at

August 2021

Photo top of the page: Current Fellows of the EFS at ANU