Wattle joins the new ANU Brand

With the new Semester, Wattle will have a refreshed look, taking on the colours and style of the new ANU Brand.  

The new theme in Wattle will only affect “System elements” such as Headers, Footers and Menus, but will not be applied to any existing user-added content.  

In Wattle and ePortfolio, this means that any items of “content” that are added by ed designers or lecturers, such as topics, labels, books, blocks, will not have their branding updated.  

In Echo360, it is expected that a new copyright intro video will be added to any videos processed (or re-processed) following the brand update.  

Please use the advice and templates in the ANU Identity Hub to update the look and feel of the elements of your course. 

The new Theme will be applied at 11:00 PM, Friday 23 July 2021. Testing has been undertaken and there is no reason to expect any drastic effects on course content. 

If you do have any concerns about your Wattle course following this change, please log a ServiceDesk ticket and be sure to include images of the experienced issue.  

July 2021