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ANU Lunch Vox #4

Teaching is essential to the university, but is service and achievement in teaching sufficiently recognised in academic promotions? How does one make teaching “count” in a promotion application? What obstacles are seen as preventing the recognition of teaching achievements? What improvements could be made to ensure teaching service and innovations are recognised?

With such a prime function, it remains a mystery as to why teaching isn’t more strongly featured in career considerations. We know it matters; and more so, we know through rigorous research it makes a significant difference to student success trajectories. And yet, so often teaching plays the second fiddle … why is this so?

Join us on Thursday, March 25 at 12:15-1:15pm for “Promoting Academics: Where does teaching fit?” the first session of the ANU Lunch Vox Webinar Q&A series for 2021.

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Promoting Academics:
Where does teaching fit?
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A diverse panel of academics from around the campus will have an honest conversation about this hotly contested topic, armed with their own expertise as promotions board members and teaching enthusiasts.

We’re looking forward to your company!