Future local ANU students

Throughout 2020 ANU Extension continued to offer a suite of programs from three ANU Colleges, to over 400 local ACT senior secondary students. With the exception of 12 weeks of remote teaching from March to July, students have been back on campus completing their 2020 programs.

Around 200 students successfully completed their courses in sciences, engineering, computing, mathematics, commerce and Asian languages, with over 80% receiving conditional early offers through the ANU Admissions, Scholarship and Accommodation (ASA) scheme.

Graduation from the program was a scaled down affair, as it was for most students this year, with a in-person event for students and teachers being held on campus in November, MC’d by the ANU Extension Coordinator, Helen Kaye. Students who had successfully completed their second year of study received their Graduation certificates from their teachers and were able to listen to congratulatory messages delivered virtually by Professor Grady Venville, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Katy Haire, Director General at ACT Education Directorate, and Kerrie Grundy, ANU Extension Principal during the ceremonies.

ANU Extension Graduation

The ceremonies were filmed by the Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT) Communications Team with the resulting graduating class photos and videos shared with students’ parents, families, friends and other external stake holders who were not able to attend the event this year.

Earlier in the year, the ANU Extension Information Night, an annual promotional and recruitment event traditionally held on campus, was successfully delivered as two webinar events that attracted over 500 registrations.

The events were MC’d by the ANU Extension Coordinator and prospective students were shown a series of video presentations from current ANU Extension students about their experiences and their expectations in each of the 13 programs.

Following these presentations, attendees had the opportunity to join ANU Extension course teachers who hosted Q&A Zoom sessions for each course, allowing for continued interaction, discussion and course specific questions.

Chemistry Student Video

The production of the two virtual events was supported by the CLT Multimedia team, the Centre for Continuing Education and Staff education. There was an overwhelmingly positive response from prospective clientele about the webinars, much to the delight of all involved.

It has been a challenging, innovative and successful year for ANU Extension, and this has been achieved with the support of many staff within CLT.

Online applications for prospective 2021 students are open through the ANU Extension home page

ANU Extension students after Graduation

November 2020

Helen Kaye is the Course Coordinator in ANU Extension, part of the Continuing Education (CE) team – one of the three teams within the ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT).

Rafael Florez is a Communications and Multimedia specialist in the CLT Communications Team, part of the ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching  (CLT).