Exploring teaching and learning practice

Foundations is a space for reflecting on your practice, for exploring and revisiting core dimensions of teaching and learning in higher education, and for learning about pedagogical frameworks and tools that can equip you to better engage your students in diverse learning environments.  

It is a space where we can learn from the experiences of like-minded educators across colleges and disciplines, and it is a unique opportunity to listen to our 8 ANU Distinguished Educators  share their stories about teaching and learning, as well as some radical and often thought-provoking ideas on pedagogy.   

Foundations, declared one of the participants from semester 1, ‘has been an incredible experience – sometimes challenging, sometimes joyous, always deeply interesting and motivating – that has been central… to “working out” my sense of place at the ANU’.   

It has been, said another colleague, ’…hugely beneficial to me in learning more about myself as a teacher and what I want to achieve in my practice. The distinguished educators were also a highlight; it was great to hear of their experiences, practical advice, and very honest down-to-earth opinions on aspects of teaching and learning’. 

‘It has been so insightful, the presenters so inspiring and the delivery and exercises really helpful. You have done an amazing job of moving to online and in it, I have learnt so much more about technology (Wattle, Zoom, Padlet, online options for quiz). Immensely grateful for the effort, encouragement and support’. 

If you want to experience it yourself, you can still join us in Semester 2, 2020 commencing Friday 07 August. Please register here.

August 2020

Foundations of University Teaching & Learning is convened by Eleonora Quijada Cervoni from the Continuing Education (CE) team – one of three teams in the ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT).