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Call for Student Content

ANU students are invited to participate in this INTERACT blog - a space where we keep our community connected with stories around teaching innovations and educational developments at the University.

We need students' perspectives to get a well-rounded picture and the wider story of learning and teaching here at ANU. We invite you to reach out through this form which has all submission details - or by sending your submission to us directly via email.

In future editions we will directly address the burning topics and themes that are affecting your studies and your learning experience.

We are hoping that your submissions lead to collaboration on future content – but you are welcome to submit topics, themes and questions anonymously too.

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Another way that ANU students can participate in the conversation around teaching and learning  is through the iLEAP Interactive Scholars initiative - which is starting up again in late 2020.


iLEAP Interactive Scholars Initiative

July 2020