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Proctorio practice site – A CLT and Academic Skills Collaboration 

With uncertainty surrounding the use of remotely proctored examinations, the new ANU Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT) looked to Academic Skills for guidance and instead found a collaborative partner.

Without fear of favour, it was clear the introduction of Proctorio to students and staff would require considerable exposure to the unfamiliar concept if they were to feel at all comfortable with its application.

The scenario was not too dissimilar to that faced by the Academic Skills & Learning Centre when introducing the Turnitin practice site which is now an established ‘go to’ reference point for students wanting to assure and/or improve their academic rigour.  

Variously supported by Education Designers, Vivien Silvey and Will Scates-Frances applied their creative skills to building the Proctorio Practice Site into a one-stop resource centre.

At the site, students will find advice on setting up and using Proctorio, privacy and Proctorio, taking a practice exam, and importantly information on examination arrangements, deferrals, appeals and policy.

Our knowledge-base, informed by frequently asked questions, is expanding and reflects the latest information sourced from the Examinations Office, Access & Inclusion and other learning support collaborators. 

The site’s purpose is based on the simple premise that with practice, students will be prepared to take a proctored examination if required.

Development of the Proctorio Practice Site was informed through interactive feedback received from staff and students. Over time, it’s hoped the site will be just one of many resources advancing our broad use of remote assessment strategies.

June 2020

Students wishing to take a Proctorio Practice Exam can do so by self-enrolling in this Wattle site.

Tim Grace is the Manager of the Education Communities and Environments (ECE) team within the ANU Centre for Learning & Teaching (CLT).