Criminological Imaginations – The Barry King Story

The news video above introduced first year students in Criminological Imaginations: Understanding Criminality (CRIM1001) to their lectures – inviting them to participate in the course with an imaginative twist.

Working in groups, the students were immersed in the world of Criminological Imaginations, a consulting firm hired by corrupt politician Barry King and his Crime-Free Canberra Party – all part of a creative course redesign spearheaded by the Interactive Learning Project (iLEAP).

Students of the first year CRIM1001 course had to devise their own ‘Five Point’ policy plan for newly elected ACT Chief Minister Barry King, in which they proposed solutions to crime in Canberra based on a critical appraisal of classical criminological theory and contemporary scholarship.

The antics of Barry unfolded over the semester through a series of short, narrative videos which prompted the students to adjust their plans, question their thinking, and delve further into the literature – for example in the news update below. 

The original course design – a collaborative effort between Dr Jason Payne and the Interactive Learning Project (iLEAP) team – would have culminated in a Market Day event presided over by real Criminologists and ANU luminaries, however the global pandemic required a change in approach.

Dr Payne’s resourcefulness and sensitivity to his students saw the introduction of choice regarding modes of assessment, supported by the rich online material offered through the Barry King story developed and produced by the iLEAP team of education designers, academic fellows and multimedia professional staff. 

Next year will see a full realisation of the CRIM1001 course design, enhanced by everything learned through remote delivery in 2020.

The Interactive Learning Project (iLEAP) aims to leverage social interaction to activate the on-campus education experience and enhance student learning – and is part of the wider ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

June 2020